Frequently Asked Questions - Urethane USA Insulation & Coatings
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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard Spray Foam is expensive, is that true?

This is a common misconception. Although the initial material and installation costs may be higher, the energy cost saving can more than outweigh that expense. Polyurethane Spray Foam roofs have a shorter payback period than most roofing systems.


I’ve heard that Spray Foam is a health hazard, is that true?

Polyurethane Spray Foam has been used without issue for decades and undergone extensive testing. However, it can cause problems if not applied correctly. We use the highest-quality materials from leading US manufacturers and have the correct equipment to ensure it is applied at the proper pressure, temperature and A/B ratio.


Is R-Value 30 of Spray Foam Insulation better than R-Value of 30 Fiberglass or Blown-In Insulation?

This can be a confusing topic. Its important to note that R-Value only measures conductive heat transfer and doesn’t account for the superiority of Spray Foam when it comes to convection and radiation. The sealing properties of Spray Foam prevent convection heat transfer through gaps and cracks, and its chemical properties do a better job of managing the heat from radiation.

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