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Spray Foam Benefits

Types of Spray Polyurethane Foam

professional spray foam companies

There are three primary types of SPF that can be used for insulation and other specific purposes:

  • High Density: often used for exterior and roofing applications
  • Medium Density: often used for continuous insulation, interior cavity fill, and unvented attic applications
  • Low Density: often used for interior cavity fill and unvented attic applications

Each product offers unique benefits that one of our professional spray foam contractor can explain to you and help you determine which types of foam will be most appropriate for your building, climate, and project.

Spray foam is one of the best options to get the best building envelope, as it acts as an excellent air-sealant and provides great insulation R-Values. With this in mind, when you choose spray foam you’re using a versatile, high-performance insulation that can make homes and buildings more comfortable, while also lowering monthly energy bills by up to 20%.

Urethane USA, spray foam contractors team offers high quality products, and personalized customer service in the West Texas area. We partner closely with customers to create tailored options that fit any size and budget. Our long-lasting solutions are used across a spectrum of industries, both industrial and residential.

Our spray foam contractors team works around the clock to provide a professional and smooth installation, and service. If we have peaked your interest in learning more about this potential property investment and what it can do for you – we invite you to contact us today and allow us to help you determine if this option is the right fit. professional spray foam companies

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