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Epoxy Flooring

We apply epoxy coatings to any floor that needs to be durable and long lasting.  Any high-traffic area is a candidate for epoxy coating.

  • In homes, this could be a garage, outdoor patio or kitchen.
  • In businesses, this could be a warehouse, manufacturing plant, aircraft hangar, auto-repair shops or factory.

In every unique case, we work with you and advise on the best coating for your needs and budget.

Benefits of Choosing Epoxy Flooring Coating


Compared to other types of flooring, epoxy is long lasting and economic.


Easy to Maintain

Epoxy flooring is very simple to clean and care for. With simple occasional cleaning, and a reseal every five years, your floors should remain in great shape for decades.



You need flooring that will last and stand up to the abuses of weather and everyday traffic. Epoxy hardens into a protective shell that can last a lifetime with proper care. It will look good for much longer than many other types of flooring.


Beautiful Designs

This type of flooring offers more options for creative design.  Colors, logos, patterns, chips, flakes, etc. are all possible with this type of floor, depending on your specific contractor.



By adding texture, we can provide better traction to your epoxy floors. If you’re worried about safety or your floors get wet and dirty, this can create an anti-slip surface.



Our epoxy floors hold less dust and other particulates as normal flooring. This makes sweeping and cleaning quicker and easier.


Quick but Effective Installation

our experienced professionals know that careful preparation is the key to quality installation. They will prepare the surface to apply the epoxy coating quickly and easily.

Epoxy Coating for your Commercial Premises


We have supplied many businesses with unique epoxy coatings tailored to their needs. These have included specialized and customized chip and flake options and metallic coatings for that unique personal touch.


What is Epoxy?


Epoxy is a thermosetting epoxide polymer. This means, that when the adhesive cures, it cannot return to its original form. It reacts with other chemicals, which help to cure or harden it, and this creates a very strong and very durable adhesive. These same chemical properties are what make it so useful in sealing and protecting surfaces. Because of these properties, it is useful for commercial, residential, industrial, marine, and even art applications. In fact, epoxy is useful just about everywhere.

Preparation for the Coating


Problems with Epoxy coatings are almost always due to inadequate preparation. For us, this is the most important part of the job. We prepare the floor so that the coating will adhere properly and will not peel and flake prematurely.


Our process includes grinding, shot blasting or acid etching so that pores in the concrete substrate are opened. Then we carefully remove all dirt, dust and other particulates. At Urethane USA we typically find it most effective to use a large diamond surface grinder to prepare the floors for maximum adhesion.

Why Choose Urethane USA for your Epoxy Flooring Application?

While self-application is an option; however, hiring us has many advantages:



  1. Material. We use higher-grade material than come in DIY Epoxy kits. Epoxy coating quality varies greatly, and we will help you select exactly the right product to make sure your flooring will last.


  1. Preparation. You need experts to prepare the surface properly, in order to make the floor look great and last longer.


  1. Money Saving. Although self-application may sound cheaper, many DIY kits have adhesion problems, and you must repeat the process multiple times. Having it done by experts the first time cost less money in the long run.


  1. Better Looking. When offering a broad variety of colors, textures, paint chips, urethane topcoats and other custom options to make your floor look unique.


  1. Peace of Mind. We offer product warranties for both material and labor, eliminating your concern about having to revise the job.


At Urethane USA, we strive to provide you with the highest possible value and service.  We offer competitive pricing, but also high-quality application and best-in-class warranties. Please visit our “Portfolio” section for photos of some of our previous work.

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