The Damage Challenge 

Building owners in our region are no strangers to roof damage. Often severe weather brings hail and high winds to the El Paso and Las Cruces area, damaging roofs and creating the potential for leaks and further water damage to buildings. All of us buy homeowners insurance to protect us against property damage.

Although many people suffer damage, few know how to navigate the complexity of the claims process. Often, property owners fail to get full value for their damage. Worse, sometimes disreputable contractors offer post-storm repair services and take payments or insurance settlements without completing the job or using inferior materials.

Dealing with insurance claims is usually a long, daunting process that typical homeowners do not want to deal with. Here at Urethane USA, we specialize in dealing with insurance companies. Our goal is to get the homeowner or business owner the money they deserve and complete the necessary repair work to our high quality standards .  

Urethane USA TrueClaim™ Process 

At Urethane USA we have created our TrueClaim™ process. It is a hands-on system to help customers who have sustained damage but have limited experience with the insurance claims process or time to deal with it. This process saves you time and effort that otherwise would be spent dealing with insurance companies. In almost all cases we have helped customers get better value from their insurance and install high quality roofing systems that last for a long time. We combine our knowledge and experience of the claims adjuster process and our high quality roof repair and roof replacement capability to make this easier for both homeowners and commercial clients. This is how the process works:


If you think you might have storm damage, or there are signs of damage, you can contact your insurance company and file a claim form. Or you could call Urethane USA directly and ask us to inspect your property for damage. Either way, we are happy to help you. First, we validate that the damage you see is the result of storm or wind activity on a specific date. This is important in establishing a claim. We are able to see through public data when and where storms have impacted property and the extent of the damage.


Once the claim is underway, you give us written permission to act on your behalf. You also agree that we will be your contractor of choice for the repair when the insurance claim is successful.  The rates and prices for all the work are determined by the insurance company based on agreed labor and material costs.There are no hidden fees or markups. We always act in good faith with both you and the insurance company.  At this point we begin negotiations with your insurer on your behalf.


We complete our building inspection and set up an appointment with the insurance adjuster to review our findings.


Once the insurance adjuster gives his estimate, via email or mail, we review the documentation. If the insurance company provides the correct estimate to complete the work, we will schedule the work based on the payment the insurer agrees. However often the insurance company offers a settlement that fails to cover the full value of the work. For most of the claims we handle, we decide with you to file a supplemental insurance estimate. This estimate is prepared by our insurance claim consultants, that use the same software and format as the original estimate.


When the supplemental claim is filed, the insurance company usually does one of the following: approve the supplement, negotiate with Urethane USA to agree on a final amount, or deny the supplement. If our supplement is denied, the insurance company usually schedules a second inspection. If there is still not an agreement upon second inspection, we move to an independent appraisal process. The result of this is usually a compromise that allows us to implement the repairs to a high standard.

If the TrueClaim™ process goes all the way to independent appraisal, the process can be lengthy. If the damage you sustained is causing further damage (e.g. moisture damage on interior walls or other surfaces), you are obligated to mitigate it. However usually we reach an amicable agreement with the insurance company and the repair work can proceed. In all cases, we at Urethane USA are committed to achieving the best possible solution to repair the damage caused to your home or business.

Roof Hail Damage 

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Will my premium increase if I file a claim?

Every insurance policy is different.  However, in most cases your premium should not increase with you filling a claim.  Filing a claim is a right that your policy provides, and you should use it as much as is necessary.  Premiums are usually based upon geographic location and various weather related risk factors (Floods or Hurricane zones, etc.). Remember, exercising your right to file a claim is the reason why you pay plenty of money for insurance!

Is it worth filing a claim if I have a high deductible?

Of course!  Remember, regardless of your size of your property or amount of your deductible, it is FREE to file an insurance claim.  Even if your policy has a high deductible, your deductible may be only a fraction of your total claim value.  Why not file a claim and see what insurance is willing to pay? Remember, its free to file a claim.

What should I do if I’m not sure if my roof has damage?

If in doubt, Urethane USA does FREE roof inspections. Regardless of your type of roof, give us a call today and we would be more than happy to give you our advice.

Why can’t I just do the insurance process by myself? After all it’s my insurance policy…

There are a few reasons why it is best to use Urethane USA’s TrueClaimTM process. First, we are dedicated to get you the money you deserve to repair the damage to a high standard. Some insurance companies simply hope to pay a little as necessary for each claim filed. Without a competent contractor with adjuster claims process experience, you will be unable to claim all the money you deserve to repair all the damage.
Secondly, every insurance policy is different and each negotiation is dependent upon your specific coverage.  Our process involves consulting with you to carefully review your policy and determine the level of coverage provides.
Finally, this process requires patience, and Urethane USA is committed to keeping this process as easy as possible for you.  Whether you are a hands-on homeowner or do not want to deal with the process at all, we are happy to accommodate your style. We can handle the process from beginning to end, without much involvement from the property owner. You can be involved as little or much as you prefer at any stage of the process.