About Urethane USA

Urethane USA

Urethane USA is not your standard insulation and roofing contractor. We are a different kind of company that believes in providing a stress-free experience and building a personal relationship with you.

 We are local and independent. Insured and bonded. Staffed by West Texas residents. Serving our communities and making your homes and businesses last longer and become energy efficient.

Our specialty is spray foam. But we are so much more than a polyurethane spray foam company. We believe in creating a customized solution for your every need.  applications for foam roofing systems, insulating material and high quality coatings.

We offer the highest quality American-made urethane spray foam and high performance coatings that maximize energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and extend the life of buildings, roofs and other structures. Our long-lasting solutions are used across a spectrum of industries, both commercial and residential. We partner closely with customers to create tailored options that fit any size and budget.

We serve the El Paso and Las Cruces Communities. Our Spray Foam Insulation and/or Roofing Services are offered to residential and commercial buildings. We also provide Epoxy Flooring solutions and Commercial Grade Silicone and Acrylic Roof Coatings to Industrial properties.

Urethane USA spray foam services are built to provide the optimal thickness and R-Value your project demands. Our application team is qualified, insured and bonded and staffed by West Texas residents abiding by local labor and safety standards. Learn more about our different services here

Fatima Renteria  and Sam Collins founded Urethane USA in 2016 with the goal of providing local customers with a better contracting experience and helping them manage their energy costs. Many customers in our area are looking to add better insulation to their homes and business but find themselves experiencing sub-standard work, poor quality materials and poor customer service. We aim to change your feeling about building services.

 The principles that drive our business are

  • Building Lasting Relationships
  • Applying Skilled Craftsmanship
  • Using Superior Materials and Equipment

In short, we do it right and put ourselves in our customers’ shoes.

Fatima and Sam are Texas residents with educational backgrounds in the energy industry. They merged their knowledge and corporate experience with a desire to serve the local community. Added technical expertise comes from their close partnership with a 14-year-old chemical and insulation company Urethane Mexico. Fatima and Sam are hands-on owner/operators of Urethane USA who closely manage their business to ensure adherence to their corporate values and high standards.


Fatima Renteria


Fátima is a Texas Tech Energy Commerce graduate with corporate experience of complex project management. Her deep understanding of the building insulation business comes from a history of active support of Urethane Mexico. She brings strong organizational, marketing and management skills to her operational and executive role. She also has a high level of language fluency in both English and Spanish.


Samuel Collins

Vice President/Co-Founder

Sam is a Texas Tech graduate who studied Energy Commerce and Finance. He has worked for Texas exploration and production companies and understands the demands of a fast-paced high-pressure industry. He has always appreciated the values of customer service and relationship building and brings those principles to his leadership of Urethane USA.


Carlos Renteria


Carlos has over 20 years experience in the international commercial spray foam and insulation arena. Throughout his career he has encountered almost every conceivable kind of unique insulation challenge and has deep relationships with manufacturers, service providers and industry leaders. He also leads a multinational enterprise focused on insulation equipment, product and consulting and supports Urethane USA with technical guidance and expertise when required.

See how one of our local customers experienced the Urethane USA difference.